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Hi, my name is Sheng. I'm 21 years old from California. My greatest thinspiration is Tsubasa Masuwaka & Gyaru Gals! I will be posting stuffs of my weightloss once in awhile & also my Gyaru makeup/hair/outfits of the day to you all. Thanks & follow me ^^

Monday, August 13, 2012


Well first of all, I'm still a newb at this HAUL thing.
I had to Google wth does "HAUL" mean anyway. ha ha ha.
I will be posting some of my lastest items from the beginning of the year.
Those are mainly items I haven't worn yet since it was a Winter Sale after the season ended.
I usually try to purchase things from my wishlist as well. ^^
So enjoy! & sorry for the poor quality of photos. (iPod)

 Drove all the way to San Francisco to Daiso Japan for these lashes & failed!
So I had to order these online! ><
& they're expensive including shipment & tax!
my review, I thought they we're actually longerrr since I always liked the dramatic look.
but overall, they're pretty good and worth to buy :)
and I don't have any pictures review for these since I never thought about having a blog or whatsoever...
and I actually some away since I stop using them after I got my Purple Series lashes.

just an outfit I put all together! ^^ (quality sucks)
peach blouse : forever21
blue shorts : forever 21
brown wedges : Ross

I'm sad.
I bought a belt that doesn't even fit me, but at the same time it was so cute that I totally forgot about the size of it.
$2.99 @ Factory-2-U
Retail price : $5

this shirt I just recently got it a few days ago from Wet Seal.
I'm actually getting interest in these punk/rock things again.
& also, I do need some clothing that'll match my Gyaru Rokku makeup as well.

Well, here's a very cute shirt with lace and black polka dots which I got it from Ross.

okay, this my leopard coat I got in Jan. 2012 at Styles For Less right after Winter has ended.
brand : Beverley Hills, Polo Club
original price : $39.99
sale : $10.00 :D
yep, I was so happy and it was a must buy!
It's really hard to find coats like this in where I live esp. at a price like that!
I really love the coat! It's cozy & the fur are so soft!
but one thing I dislike about it, weak buttons.
one of the buttons came off, but luckily I have my Superman to the rescue!
He sewed it back on perfectly! & even better than before! :)


  1. OMG so nice loving that fur coat!! So adorable!!!

    You look amazing ^^



  2. Thank you!
    I appreciate you taking the time to go through my page.
    I hope we can be friends better ^^

  3. Really good haul. Love your style ^^