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Hi, my name is Sheng. I'm 21 years old from California. My greatest thinspiration is Tsubasa Masuwaka & Gyaru Gals! I will be posting stuffs of my weightloss once in awhile & also my Gyaru makeup/hair/outfits of the day to you all. Thanks & follow me ^^

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's all about Gyaru, 2012

omgggg, what do you think??? :DD
I'm really rocking with this Rokku eye look.
here's a before & after bottom lashes.
but anyway, so far as you can see... my progress with Gyaru looks have improved, right?
don't be afraid of trying something new when you think you can't.
practice makes perfect!
good night!

fingers are so short T^T lol

hair of the day!
just did mini spirals and tired it up high.

hey, everyone! Like the new look? :D
I'm loving it! Gyaru Rokku!
I finally use my Angel Eyes upper lashes with my Sweet Eyes lower lashes.
It looks amazing to me!
btw, I did not edit any of my photo today.
I like it to be as natural as it can be and I did not put foundations either.

yeah, my skin is kinda bad... so I am taking a break from it. ;(
but overall, please enjoy and comment me for opinions/feedbacks! :)

this is a before & after Gyaru Rokku 

me & my honey at Walmart purchasing new hair dye (Ash Blonde) for me
and tool box for himself ^^
he's a very smart guy when it comes to mechanic/auto/electrical stuffs :)

review of Angel Eyes falsies!

here is my most recent photo!
I am so inspire by Shane Vang's tutorial that I had to re-watch it again.
please check her out and support!


no edit, just the real meee~~!!

yeah, our room is so messy!!

I love my hair color.
too bad it's fading already.
thinking of going Ash Blonde and Gyaru Rokku?

just to let you know I am ordering from one brand only til my collection is complete.

Angel Eyes - 08/07/2012

Sweet Eyes (under lash) - 06/21/2012

Glamorous Eyes - 06/14/2012

today's makeup look.
I am wearing my Glamorous Eye upper lashes & Sweet Eyes bottom lashes.
my bottom lashes are super dramatic so this look did not really go with it naturally.
So I decided to order a new pair of lashes of the Purple series, Angle eyes.
I will post up the lashes I received in mail soon.

oshawott ♥
first plush toy my honey won for me from those machines at Santa Cruz,'11

what you say about my makeup.
no one is better.

okay, here's my review on my Sweet Eyes lower lashes w/o lens.
there's actually 4 lower lashes but I decided to only use 3 `cause it was just too dramatic~
these would look better if I had longer lashes on top.
it's really dramatic look & I really like it :)
I'm excited to order my next collection.
*sorry for the ugly ipod qaulity. i try to photo shop it for lightening but this is best I can do -_-
btw, did I put it on right anyway? newb.

today is PAYDAY!
and these my new lashes I have preoder on Ebay! :)

Glamorous Eyes lashes, Purple Series.

review of my brown lens from Shining!

good morning~

sneak peek into my room!
well, our room <3
yeah, it's really small and I'm actually dominating the room!
mwuahahaha ^w^

It's so hot today!
just an update on my new weight today, 120 lbs!
yes, I diet my way through and lost 15 lbs.
check out my other blog of  "I want to be thin".
I haven't been updating it but it will show you of what I do daily.
have a nice day!

Oh yeah~
finally got myself a new pair of lens!
Shining Nudy Brown 16.2 mm
slightly bigger than the Barbie Series! o.o
here is my review of the lens and also my first photo tutorial!
and no I don't have any YT video tutorial YET.
I'm in need of a recording camera.

It's always a must to wear any circle lens as a Gyaru Gal.

STEP 2 :
I used the BHCosmetic color eyeshadow brand & color Cappuccino pencil for my eyebrows.

STEP 3 :
Any cheap eyeliners.

STEP 4 :
I actually traced liquid eyeliner over my pencil liner to last longer & appear darker.
I only use the pencil as an outline for me since I'm still a newbie at using liquid liners ^^;
Then I use 2 different false lashes & stick them together for more volume & length.

*don't forget to contour!

just being silly :PP blahhh~~!!!

no bottom lashes since I lost them this morning ;(
but my eye still looks pretty ^^
today I used green and pink shadows.
Sterling Grey lenses 14.00 mm


happy birthday to me!
I'm finally 21 years old and no, I did not go wild! =_=
went to the lake
and I had a romantic in-home dinner with my lovely hubby! <3

meet my honey of 1 year and still going! <3
yeah, he looks bored xD

I love the lightening here by the sun.
I'm wearing Grey Barbie Lens 15-16mm

sorry, I do not know the number of my lashes.
but bottom lashes are from Sassi.


Gyaru makeup of the day. (right eye, no lens)
I'm getting better and better at this.
Today was like the first time I didn't make any mistakes, nor take me over 2 hours to do my whole makeup!
Plus, it's giving me more ideas of how to do my eye makeup.
I can't wait to order more new lashes!
I only wish my top lashes were longer! ><
Btw, I just dyed my hair to Golden Light Brown :]

could of been better but was in a rush.

makeup of the day.
did my spiral curls & purple shadows blended with some white shimmer shadows
and contour my nose.
this picture was taken when I was 130 lbs.
yes, I know I'm already fat so I careless what you say
'cause I'm on my way to getting in shape :PP
picture well be updated.


Bottom lash is a little bit too far down, but oh well.
It took me forever!!
Practice makes perfect.
*hate Ipod quality!

I look so animated here :D

my curls were really poofy earlier.

 fuzzy curls inspired by Shane Vang & Tsubasa Masuwaka & other Youtube subsriber.
wish I can take a better photo of my whole hair :/

I used green and pink eyeshadow & they make a great combination to my eyes!
***inspired picture below***
I only wished I had a better camera T^T
& love my hair today too!
(Ipod quality sucks)

Got ready to work this morning.
yes, I work at McDonald's.
*yeah, right len was misplaced =_=

2nd attempt on trying bottom false lashes to be better.
*my right lens was not in the center of my eye.
but overall, I did a great job from yesterday :]

 my eyeshadow still sucks, but hey.. at least I'm trying :P

on these photos I'm actually wearing Sterling Grey circle lens 14.00
my hair was still blonde then and I was practicing how to put on lower lashes!
it was my first time :3

yeah, I can see my other bottom lashes falling >__<
still practicing!

I just did a little bit teasing on my bangs and a curl to the side =^^=

but overall, I think I did a great job as a newbie ^^

I went blonde! and was debating if I should redye my hair! ><
but I decided to keep it for the next 3 weeks and went Carmel Light Brown.

curled my hair so pretty ^^

my hair was so short.
I'm wearing Barbie Brown circle lens 16.00 ^^

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