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Hi, my name is Sheng. I'm 21 years old from California. My greatest thinspiration is Tsubasa Masuwaka & Gyaru Gals! I will be posting stuffs of my weightloss once in awhile & also my Gyaru makeup/hair/outfits of the day to you all. Thanks & follow me ^^

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Types Of Gyaru Eye Make-Ups

hello, lovelies.
 no circle lens on this one.

There’s a point in life when you get tired of chasing people. It’s not giving up, it’s realizing you don’t need certain people and their crap.

You never really stop loving someone. You just learn to try to live without them.

I don’t need expensive stuff to make me happy. All I need is someone who’s always there even when the whole world’s walking out.

I don’t want someone who sees the good about me, I want someone who sees the bad and still loves me.

unfinished look.

upload some more later...


  1. your eye makeup looks SOO good on you. :D

  2. thank you, still need more practice ^^

  3. I saw a pic of your make up on tumblr and followed to your blog! I absolutely LOVE youre eye make up!! <3 So gorgeous aghh

  4. Kawaii <3
    The blue one are awesome *3*